Online VS Offline Grinding

It is possible to grind both offline and online. Online is usually easier and more profitable since the game is quicker and you can play several tables at the same time but if you have a good offline game in your community this might be worth visiting for some grinding as well. It will help you gain offline experience and can be profitable against week players. This is especially true in areas where you can find around the clock games.

Offline grinding might off course also be a good alternative if you like offline poker better than online poker. Grinding is a slow process and will be even slower if you grind offline but if you can make it more fun by playing games you like better even if that slow down the progress it can often be worth to do so, at least to mix things up and prevent them from becoming too boring.

If you want to build a bank roll quickly or start with a very small bank roll than online gambling is always the best way to go. Visit for more information about online casino, poker and gambling.

Below you will be able to read about some of the main differences between online and offline grinding.

  • game speed: Offline games are a lot slower and it hence take more time to play the same number of hands. If you play online than a new hand is instantly dealt to the players while you will have to wait for the dealer to shuffle the deck if you play in a real casino. Different other actions also take longer offline than they do online.
  • Multitabling: If you play offline you are only able and is (usually) only allowed to play at one table at any given time. If you play online you can play a lot of hands at the same time to speed up the game even further and win more money in a short time span.
  • Game Selection: There will almost always be a better selection of games and more opponents available in an online casino than it will be offline. This means that it can be harder to find good games offline.
  • Skill level: A lot of people get their first taste of poker through online poker which makes it easy to find poor players online. On the other hand there are a lot of good players playing on all levels in the online poker rooms. Offline offer fewer brand new players but still feature a lot of weak players that play to be entertained.
  • Stakes: Online you can find micro stake games and starting to build your bankroll from a very low number. You can start grinding with a mere USD5 if that is all you have. Offline on the other hand you will not be able to find micro tables and you must be ready to accept to risk a lot more if you want to play. This is due to the fact that the offline casino need to pay the dealer. In the online poker room the software deals the card and no dealer is required. It is hence economically viable to let people pay for a lot lower stakes or even free.
  • Psycology: The psychology aspect of the game is a lot different and a lot more tangible when you play offline poker and can look into your opponents eyes than it is online. This benefits some while it makes it harder for others to win. Regardless it is important to remember this difference and prepare for it.