Grinding & Poker Bonuses

When you first sign up at a poker site you almost always get a bonus. This can be a very nice addition to your bank roll but should in itself never be the reason for choosing a poker room. It is more important that the poker room contains a lot of fish (weak players) and players that are good opponents for your particular style of play. It is after all the grinding that will grow your bankroll up enough for you to be able to play high stake games, not the bonuses. The bonuses will only give you a small boost in the beginning.

It might seem tempting to go bonus hunting when you first get started to build your bank roll. Although this still works if you are a winning player it is a lot less favorable than it was a few years ago since the bonus requirements has become less generous and you now need to play more than you use to do in order to earn your bonus. Generally speaking I do not recommend going bonus hunting any longer because it simply takes to much effort to get each bonus to make bonus hunting a good use of your time since you loose all the info you have about other players etc every time you switch to a new poker room. This knowledge is usually worth more than the bonus you get.

There are however some situations when bonus hunting is a good idea. The two most common, in my humble opinion are:

  • When you are a player that only break even or win a little bit of money but not much. In this case the bonuses might be worth more as you are not winning much from the grinding itself. By hunting bonuses you will build your bankroll more quickly while you at the same time gain a lot of experience and hopefully can start earning more from the grinding itself as time goes by. In this case you usually have less use of the knowledge you gain about other players as well since you perhaps havenĀ“t yet learned how to use it optimally and hence there is less value in staying at one poker room.
  • When you are looking for a poker room that suits you or think you might be able to do better in another poker room. The main objective in this scenario isn’t really to hunt the poker bonuses but to find a nice poker room but it is none the less a good time to get a lot of poker bonuses as well.

If you decide to go bonus hunting as a part of your grinding than there are several things that you should keep in mind. The most important of which is to check whether the bonus is paid out in batches or only all at once. If it is paid all at once it is very important that you do not try to get a bonus that is too big for you to meet the wager requirement before the bonus expires. It is better to aim for a smaller bonus than to try to get a higher bonus and end up getting nothing at all. Remember that the bonus is worthless until you earned it and have it in your regular account.