Cash Game Grinding

Ring game or cash game grinding is a good way to increase your bankroll but it requires a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of discipline. Grinding is not for every one but it is an essential part of the life of most poker players that want to increase their bankroll and start playing using higher stakes.

One of the keys to grinding is bank roll management. You do not want to risk to big a part of your bankroll on each and every session that you play. Exactly how much money you need in your bank roll for each level you play at depends on who you ask. Some will tell you that you need to have at least 10 max buy ins on the level you are playing, other would say 50 times the maximum buy in. How much you really need depends on how high risks you want to take. The fewer buy ins you have on the level you are playing at the bigger role luck will play and the higher is the risk that you will loose it all or have to go back down one or several levels. I recommend that you make sure that you have at least 20 max buy ins for the level you are playing on. This allow you a decent amount of safety while at the same time allowing for a somewhat rapid climb up to higher stake games.

When you decided which level is the right one for you it is time to find a table at your chosen poker room. When you first get started grinding it is best to only play one table at the time but as you get more used to grinding it is recommended that you start playing more and more tables at the same time. There are many grinders that play 5, 10 or even 20 tables simultaneously to speed up the grinding process. Do not play more tables than you can play and still be a winning player. It is however important to remember that it is okay if you win a little less on each table providing that the overall profit is higher. IE it is better to play two tables earning 7BB (big blinds) per hour and table (total 14BB) than it is to win 13BB per hour while playing only one table. It is your overall gains that count. It is also important to remember that you will have loosing days.

The table you choose should be chosen with your preferences in mind while at the same time being a table that is likely to offer good action for hours to come. Only sit down if you find a suitable table and only if you are alert and focused. Grinding is about patience and focus. If you can not stay focused on the task at that time then you should not be playing at that time. Stay disciplined while grinding. Sometimes it might be tempting to say what the heck and take a chance on a hand where the pot odds are not in your favor but doing so can (read will) really hurt your grinding efforts in the long run. Play good solid poker and understand that even though it will take time grinding will allow you to slowly build your bank roll. Do what you must to keep focus and if you feel that you are loosing focus or that you are about to tilt than it is time to leave the poker table and return another day.. Remember that a saved buck is worth just as much as a a buck you won and that it is better to walk from a table taking a small loss than it is to stay at the table and loosing big.