Full Tilt Poker split massive $100,000 jackpot

In early July, when Full Tilt Poker announced the introduction of the Jackpot Sit-and-Gos, tournament players jumped at the opportunity of striking it rich overnight. They were only supposed to pay $10 to participate in these events, while the winner was guaranteed an amount of $10,000, with the runner-up getting $3000 and the one in third place having to settle for $2000.grind

A young female poker player from Russia was the first winner of the jackpot and her story inspired others to play in these tournaments. The rules are identical to the ones players are so comfortable with in regular sit ‘n goes, with the only difference being that if the table turns purple, you know that the stakes have risen considerably. The Russian players outshined her competitors and declined the terms of any deal, which meant that she got the lion’s share for being the last one standing.

More recently, Full Tilt Poker added the $50 Jackpot Sit-and-Gos which are basically following the same format, only award much more money. The top prize stands at $100,000 and instead of the regular payout structure, the winner will collect $75,000 of the money, with the second place receiving $15,000. Finishing in the third place will get you $10,000 which is not exactly a consolation prize, even though it is hard not to be a bit sad for missing out on a rare opportunity to win $75k.

There is of course a third way as to Australian players recently proof, by striking a deal when they were the last men standing. It took them a while to eliminate a player from Austria who eventually bowed out of the competition in the third place and received $10,000. Since the two Aussies were evenly matched and the game could’ve gone either way, they chose to use the software provided by the poker room to split the pot evenly.

The two players use the nicknames of “FdotFloss” and “SirSion”, but even though these names don’t say a great deal about the players behind them, they will be remembered for a while by Full Tilt members. It goes without saying that they are not going to be the last two players to win a five digit amount competing for the $100,000 jackpot. For every 100k hands played, the poker room will award three jackpots and at the rate the sit ‘n goes are playing here, it won’t take long before we have a new winner.