Highroller goes on to sue UK based casino

Every day, ambitious poker players step into brick-and-mortar casinos hoping to score a big win and the vast majority of them leave empty-handed. A couple win and return the next day to repeat the cycle, but even those who find themselves on the opposite end of success, don’t make a big deal of it. The reason for why they accept defeat so easily is that they act in a reasonable manner and realize the fact that the odds are stacked against them, therefore it is not surprising to lose.

Highroller goes on to sue UK based casino

On the other hand, there are highrollers who venture huge amounts and who take any form of gambling very seriously. Regardless of how much money they’ve got, they find it difficult to leave the establishment with a smile on their face, especially when they have some suspicions about the fairness of the game. Whenever something like this happens, they turn to offensive and on rare occasions they even sue the casino, in an attempt of reversing the outcome.

Iraj Parvizi is one of the highrollers who considers himself cheated by a land-based casino in the United Kingdom, one that goes by the name of Les Ambassadeurs. The player has very clear demands, as he claims €10 million to be reimbursed, because the casino allegedly failed to ensure the fairness of the game. He took his case to court and now hopes that the judge will conclude that the gambling venue is responsible for a scheme ran by Craig Stevens.

If we are to believe the Dubai highroller, this guy was in cahoots with some masseuses who went behind the players back to signal some of their opponents. They caught a glimpse at their cards and then revealed this information to opponents, which resulted in significant losses for the ones who got tricked. The last time Iraj Parvizi stepped into the aforesaid casino, he lost just €200,000, but he suspects that this scheme has been going on for weeks if not months and he lost a lot of money due to this fraud.

Only time will tell whether the judge will find his claim to be correct or will dismiss it on spot, the fact remains that the conflict is ongoing. Until the matter is resolved, other highrollers might think twice before stepping inside that casino, even if they don’t fully trust the Dubai player. The house has the certain edge over players and there is no reason to increase it by exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

Obviously, this is a two-way street, because land-based casinos have no hesitations in suing poker players or gamblers when they suspect foul play. Phil Ivey has spent a lot of time in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons recently, after he was exposed by Borgata casino as a baccarat cheat. The poker player claims that he didn’t do anything illegal and simply took advantage of a loophole, created by the card manufacturer Gemaco.