Germans dominate PokerStars Sunday events

Europeans are not surprisingly some of the best online poker players, for the simple reason that Americans are still battling unfavorable legislation. Scandinavians have emerged as some of the most prolific players and PokerStars but Eastern European such as Romanians and Russians are coming strongly from behind. This doesn’t mean that Germans are pushovers, in fact the most recent Sunday events remind everyone that these guys are well-versed in the art of playing poker.Germans dominate PokerStars Sunday events

The PokerStars Sunday Million attracted more than 8000 players and just a bit over 1000 were expected to finish in the money, so the competition was intense. Add to this the fact that there were plenty of poker professionals at the start of the event, including Marcel Luske, Joe Cada, Mickey Petersen, Martin Hruby and Liv Boeree to name but a few. The bottom line is that competition was intense and this makes it even more impressive that a relatively unknown player from Germany won the big prize.

One by one the aforementioned professionals were eliminated from the competition and with the final table drawing close, players shifted to a more cautious style of poker. The final table began with four players standing at the top of the list and three of them made a deep run, but only with two players remaining a deal was made. “icebearrr” from Germany got most of the money and in a matter of hands he also won the tournament, while this was how the final structure of the tournament:

  1. icebearrr – $226,316
  2. bluet0m89 – $190,203
  3. ultimateturn – $120,150
  4. vindog03 – $80,740
  5. db10ISgod – $64,080
  6. pendo71 – $48,060
  7. BC_Pres – $32,040
  8. 133850526 – $18,423
  9. VinceVegaMFR – $12,415

On the same day, the poker company hosted another major tournament, which despite starting as the Cinderella of Sunday events is now immensely popular. It goes by the name of PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and once again it attracted over 3500 participants, with more Germans making the final nine. Once again, the players who made the final table were anxious to cause the untimely elimination of their opponents and there were many collateral victims.

Slowly but surely, the remaining players contemplated the possibility of a deal, but no agreement was reached. This left Konstantinos “arxigos” Nanos with no choice but to play even more aggressively and in the end the strategy paid off because he crushed the competition. He was the only one to collect a six digit amount, while the rest had to settle for the amounts listed below:

  1. Konstantinos “arxigos” Nanos – $112,098
  2. 7Be/\eC7 – $83,538
  3. XXDH1983 – $58,905
  4. HeroCall123 – $41,055
  5. vicwellsuk – $30,345
  6. LeBroHbKA -$23,205
  7. pasty71 – $16,065
  8. nickym998 – $8,925
  9. Mix0 Mi – $5,712