Marcin Horecki finds the connection between poker and charity

Marcin HoreckiMany poker players can talk the talk, but only a handful walk the walk when it comes to giving back to community. The idea itself is enticing and when asked about what they plan to do on the long run, virtually all mention the fact that they plan on getting involved in charitable events. Time appears to be always of the essence and sometimes players prefer to use the money to buy in for an additional tournament, sit down at a nosebleed table or simply pay for a better hotel room than to donate.

Marcin Horecki is not one of them and he leads by personal example, and emphasizes the importance of poker players going a step further than simply donating money. He starts from the assumption that poker professionals actually have more money than they need for living expenses and by getting too involved in the game, they lose track of what really matters. His solution is equally simple as he suggests to become more involved in a charity and discover the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate.

He does his part by supporting a local organization called Szlachetna Paczka which is located in Poland and whose name means “Noble Package”. Their campaigns are not overly ambitious and the poker professional knows that his contribution will not change the world, but at least will make life better for those helped directly. This hands-on approach is immensely rewarding, as the aforementioned foundation works with volunteers and delivers invaluable supplies to those who can’t afford them.

It revolves around a popular concept, of adopting a struggling family and then looking after it, by providing the necessary stuff throughout the year. Marcin Horecki did a fine job on his own, but he decided to get PokerStars involved as well and was pleasantly surprised by the company’s willingness to join the cause. As a result, enough money was raised for aiding 40 families and the campaigns will not stop here, but will grow in size and expand worldwide.

There is no shortage of poker professionals who can lend a helping hand, because what they lack is not the money or time, but the motivation to jump on the bandwagon. Marcin Horecki is constantly looking for people to join him and he spread the word among poker players, apparently with great success. Through the “Noble Package” he delivers help where it is needed most, but there is always room for better and now that the wheels are set in motion things are expected to advance in the right direction.

Reimbursements imminent for U.S. Full Tilt Poker players

Full Tilt Poker playersThis is the time of the year that Full Tilt poker players from the United States have been waiting for, as the deadline for reimbursements draws near. It’s been a while since the first news regarding this topic have surfaced and poker players from the US have been waiting ever since for the Garden City Group to release the sequestered funds. The company has been appointed by the US Department of Justice a few years ago, following the Black Friday scandal to oversee the reimbursements.

Apparently they did a fine job because the DOJ has already released $82 million and the money will be split among eligible players. Their names have been selected by the aforementioned company who got in touch with most of them and let them know about the amounts that will be credited to their account. The players had to fulfill some obligations at their own end, but those who submitted the required information last autumn will soon have reasons to celebrate.

The process of reimbursement took a while, but the latest deadline was set for March 31, with some US players to be credited the rifle amounts even sooner. The official website that they are supposed to check often is, because this is where the latest information is posted. The Garden City Group has a couple of matters to solve before wrapping up the entire process, as these 30,000 players are those who have undisputed claims.

There are still plenty of players who are waiting for their funds, with poker professionals being in a more sensitive situation. The same applies to those who had affiliate statute, because they fall under the incidence of another law and their reimbursement will follow a different path. For the time being, it is only fair to say that progress has been made and even sooner than March 31, U.S. Full Tilt Poker players will recuperate most if not all of the sequestered funds.