“Bust a Pro Promotion” goes live at Full Tilt Poker

bustaproPoker players take great pride in remembering their accomplishments, and at the top of their bragging list are those victories over vastly superior opponents. Winning a lot of money is also something to be proud of, but on the long run such achievements pale in comparison to the victories over poker professionals. Such a rare opportunity is now within reach for enthusiastic players, with the details of the promo being published at http://www.pokereagles.com/news/7405/full-tilt-poker-announces-bust-pro-promotion.php.

“Bust a Pro Promotion” has been recently announced by Full Tilt Poker and it is already in full swing, with players being invited to meet the requirements. These are both straightforward and easy to meet, as members are expected to deposit a minimal amount of $20 and accumulate 25 Full Tilt Points or more to become eligible for the free roll. To be more precise, there are two such events, one for those who prefer to face Gus Hansen in a heads-up challenge, while the other having Viktor “Isildur1” Blom as the poker Pro to beat.

It goes without saying that regardless of what professional they choose, regular Full Tilt Poker players will start as huge underdogs on January 5 when the competition reaches its climax. The prizes are terrific, with one victory triggering a payout of $5000, back-to-back wins leading to a payout of $15,000 while those who achieve the remarkable feat of strength of winning three games in a row will take home $50,000. In order to mitigate the risks of going broke, players who win ones will receive the $5000 automatically, while the difficult decision is to be made after back-to-back victories.

Basically, players need to decide whether they will be firing another bullet and aim for three wins in a row or claim the $20,000 already won. It is anyone’s guess what those who win the free rolls and make it this far will decide, and many will probably change their decision after winning two games. The highly anticipated “Bust a Pro Promotion” kicked off on December 15 and for two consecutive weeks players will have the chance to meet the requirements.

Time is not to be wasted, because what Full Tilt Poker offers is a win-win situation for players who would play poker online anyway. Anyone can afford to spare $20, while accumulating 25 points should be done effortlessly with the biggest hurdle being the freeroll. Keep in mind that these free to play tournaments have limited seats, and it should be self-evident why interested players should act quickly.

FTOPS XXIV Series concludes on December 7

ftopsFTOPS XXIV Series has a total of 39 events featuring a guaranteed prize pool of $8 million and the tournament is already in full swing. The series began in the final week of November, more precisely on the 24th and given the fact that previous editions were a huge success, more players than ever decided to buy in for this tournament. As a result, the prize pool was greatly exceeded and each tournament awards players more money than previously expected.

Poker news websites as well as the official Full Tilt Poker Blog shared a lot of information about the tournament, many days before it began. Those who are already involved in one of the side events are anxiously waiting for the main tournament to begin. There are plenty who chose to buy in for 7 Card Stud, 6 Card Omaha, Irish and HORSE tournaments, because this is one of the few circuits that include all popular types of poker.

This year brings something new, because some of the tournaments have boosted payouts and all but the main event allows players to reenter if they suffer an untimely elimination. It happens more often than you’d think and it is always refreshing to know that you are given a second chance, if you go bust early on. Many of those who participate in the main event didn’t pay the entrance fee out of pocket, instead played in the qualifiers and secured a seat by winning the satellites.

In addition to the payouts awarded to those who finish among the most successful players in these tournaments, Full Tilt Poker offers branded merchandise and exclusive prizes. These limited edition rewards act as an incentive for those who thought about participating in the previous editions of the FTOPS Series but for one reason or the other didn’t follow through.

Among the perks of participating in the circuit is that those who finish at the top of the official leaderboard, with receive a sponsorship contract and will get to choose between a 100% cash back and a flat bonus of $20,000. The cash back offer is valid for six months, while the five digit amount can be used over the same period of time, with players being required to meet some requirements. They will also get to buy in for free in future FTOPS and MiniFTOPS buy-ins events, hence get a chance to win even more.