Chris Moorman set to break psychological record

thepokergrindThat are records that seem impossible to beat, and winning $10 million in tournaments over the Internet is an excellent example. One reason is that variance itself makes it incredibly difficult for people to cross the $1 million threshold, the other is that online there are much more players and tournaments have thousands of people buying in. Chris Moorman is clearly unimpressed by both these arguments as he is inching closer to this incredible performance and needs just $92,000 for breaking the barrier.

He plays almost exclusively online tournaments but on those rare occasions when he chose to compete in live events or trade his favorite game for cash tables, he exceeded expectations. Right now he is focused on the task ahead, and with the WCOOP in full swing he has plenty of opportunities to win the five digits amount necessary to set the record. If he does this, he will have a huge gap separating him from the runner-up and it is most unlikely for anyone to overtake him in the upcoming years.

Unlike live tournaments, where players can hope to win several millions in one swing, over the Internet it is much more difficult to scoop such amounts. Chris Moorman finished in the money 5856 times and in the vast majority of cases he had to settle for five figures. Only four times he won hundreds of thousands of dollars and this proves beyond reasonable doubt that he is so successful because he is one of the most constant online poker players.

2013 has been a terrific year for Chris and there are plenty of months left so it is only fair to assume that he won’t have to wait until 2014 to win his $10 million. He competes in pretty much any major tournament that is worth his time and this perseverance and sheer skill brought him to the highest steps of the ladder. As online poker tournament players go, he is one class about most competitors and it is no coincidence that he is so close of setting a record while others are far behind.

A total of 19 players have won this amount already at live tables, but Chris Moore has no intention of mingling with them and says that he will focus exclusively on online events. Here you have an insightful article about his performance

The EPT crosses psychological threshold

pokergrindYou know things are serious when a major poker circuit announces that it has crossed the psychological barrier of €500 million. These are the figures that President Edgar Stuchly unveiled earlier this week as the European poker tour opened a new chapter in Barcelona. At the time of the statement, the tournament was inching closer to that amount and after a couple of side events the half a billion euros threshold was finally shattered.

It feels like yesterday, but nine years have passed since the first ever EPT winner was crowned, with a Swedish player that goes by the name of Alex Stevic winning €80,000. He had to defeat less than 230 players and Barcelona was the city where he celebrated his victory, but since then the circuit made plenty of millionaires. Poker players of all backgrounds attend the European poker tour, because they regard it as a unique opportunity of playing against top opponents while competing for huge amounts.

Both these standards have been elevated recently as the officials announced that this year the payouts are expected to grow as more poker players buy-in for the tournaments. The main event is without doubt the cornerstone of this circuit and it is already in full swing despite the fact that the buy-in might seem intimidating for regular players. Organizers paid attention to these suggestions made by former players and that’s why the tournament is now following a new set of rules.

Overall, the changes are minimal but those absolutely necessary were implemented and they include advantages for highrollers and those who prefer late registration. With hundreds of players to compete for prizes in one of the many side events and the main tournament, all these adjustments were necessary and the community acclaimed them as a worthy addition. It comes as no surprise that many found it worthwhile to travel to Barcelona this time of the year regardless of bankroll and expectations.

Naturally, those who found the resources to pay €5300 out-of-pocket are savvy poker players with a background that speaks for itself. On the other hand, the site event and cash game tables were populated by amateurs and semi-professionals who just wanted to find themselves in select company. As the tournament is quickly approaching its conclusion, the EPT prepares to move to other exciting cities on the continent and most players will follow the tour.