Stake Me To Play makes irresistible proposition

pokergrinNot too often, poker players are presented with the opportunity to boost their bankroll overnight without taking any chances and without getting involved in a shady deal. Obviously, there are some strings attached when someone promises to stake you up to play, but the proposition made by this particular company is simply resistible. Not surprising, they chose the name Stake Me To Play for their venture, as it accurately reflects their business model and leaves no questions about what their purpose might be.

Launched in the United Kingdom, the company’s services are only available to those who reside within the borders. It all begins on Friday in Stratford City, where the organizers plan on hosting a party to mark the beginning of the new program and draw attention. The truth is, that poker players don’t need too many incentives when the end result is receiving a significant amount of money that they can use as they see fit at the poker tables.

The concept is not new and poker players themselves used to stake up some of their peers for various reasons and with different conditions. The idea is to have someone who shows a lot of promise but lacks the financial resources necessary for competing at decently high limits. The one who is staking a poker player is counting on him to turn profitable so that a portion of his gains will be returned. As for the poker player himself, this is a win-win situation because he receives a certain amount with no strings attached and he doesn’t mind sharing a part of the potential winnings.

The UK company is based in Essex and that’s why they chose Aspers Casino Stratford to be the gracious host for the upcoming party. “Stake Me To Play” intends to make baby steps and convince prospective players that it is worth applying for assistance. If the program goes according to the plan and there is no reason to expect it not to, there is a good chance for the company to accept players from outside United Kingdom in a not so distant future.

“Stake Me To Play” will also host a free roll to mark this occasion and the winner will receive a package worth €5000 for the European Poker Tour London. It goes without saying that the winner will not only get the chance to compete among some of the best poker players in the world, but will also stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what players need to do to prove the company that they are worth staking up and this is what makes this free roll a must attend event.

To top it off, the organizers promised to have some prominent speakers at this event and even a couple of poker professionals. For this reason alone, those who are even remotely interested in poker and reside in or close to Stratford City shouldn’t make any other plans for the weekend.

Nikolaus Teichert wins Event 56 and $730,756

It is safe to say that Nikolaus Teichert is a veteran player at the World Series of poker, but until recently, he was still searching for his first bracelet. Attracted by the most prominent poker tournament in the world, Nikolaus made the money several times in the past, but with no bracelet yet he didn’t lose hope. It was event 56 that made him $730,000 richer, almost 3 times the combined amounts of previous payouts.

He surely departs from Las Vegas with pleasant memories and perhaps the most important accomplishment is that he outshined hundreds of players over the course of 4 days. In fact, this is one remarkable thing because the vast majority of poker tournaments at the WSOP conclude in three days and even less, but event 56 required the additional day. At the beginning of Day four, there were a bit over 20 players left in the race and Nikolaus Teichert was nowhere close of the chip leader.

nikolaus teichert

Instead of going all in several times in an attempt of doubling up, Teichert stole small pots and by the time the final table was set, he had the third-largest stack. As more players were eliminated from the race, Nikolaus was still standing and had a slight edge over Vincent Maglio at the beginning of the heads-up. The two players were at each other’s throats and that’s why 26 hands were sufficient for determining the winner and Nikolaus Teichert finished on the right side of the all in.

He started with the weaker hand and was down to three outs, but those proved enough because he got the deuce he was counting on when the river was dealt. He improved his hand to two pairs and sent his rival crashing while capturing his first World Series of poker bracelets and more than $700,000.