A worthy addition for Omaha players

There are very few little things that poker players should refrain from when trying to maximize their chances at their game of choice. Whether they prefer Texas hold ’em or Omaha, they are entitled to use poker tracking software as long as this doesn’t conflict with the rules established by the poker company. In most cases it is perfectly legal to use such applications, and the benefits are considerable especially for those who play at high-stakes, and have numerous tables open at the same time.


Pretty much anyone who is serious about poker uses such software and that’s why poker companies have lifted any restrictions. In fact many go the extra mile and in exchange of a small fee or even without charge, provide players with unlimited access to comprehensive databases. At the end of the month, players can easily add the new information into their computer program to maximize its efficiency. The idea is to get the upper hand when playing Omaha, but at the end of the day what most achieve is leverage

This happens because most of their opponents are also in possession of such a poker tracking software and pretty much everyone knows a great deal about players before even meeting them. This takes Omaha to the next level and makes it much more difficult to surprise your opponent, although those who succeed are lavishly rewarded. The decisions are greatly simplified when you know which is the more likely course of action and what decisions the other players are tempted to take in various situations.

There are plenty of reasons to use such applications regardless of the type of poker you play, but if you are a fan of Omaha tournaments you shouldn’t sit down at the table without having the software active. What happens is that during the course of such an event players get moved quite a lot from table to table and they don’t get the chance to know their opponents. It is easy to imagine what happens when some of the players are in possession of such software and the others don’t, especially in the late stages.

The cost for owning a poker tracking software is insignificant, at least for those who make it their business to spend long hours in front of the computer playing poker. It is much more profitable to make an acquisition of this sort instead of buying in at another table, and the benefits would become self evident on the long run. Whenever something sounds too good to be true it usually is and players should use these applications with moderation and never rely exclusively on them.

No matter how advanced they are and how much information you feed them, these apps can’t replace or override the intricate decision-making process that is specific to both Texas hold ’em and Omaha. It is important to use them as helping tools without allowing the software to take over, because this is the only way of improving your skills while staying profitable.

Take your time to take notes

Poker has changed dramatically since expanding online and although the rules of the game remain the same, players need to employ new tactics to stay successful. The importance of taking notes is clear for anyone who has spent enough time at the poker table, and beginners should save themselves some pain and note everything down. Newcomers have no excuse for not following this common sense advice, especially now when there are so many poker software that make it easier to take notes.


Most online poker rooms have implemented special features that enable players to take notes while they play, hassle-free and without using third-party software. Even those who play multitable Texas hold ’em, will find a couple of seconds to note down the most important things about their opponents. The effort is worthwhile and will pay off on the long run, but only if the notes are useful, so make sure that you know what is worth writing down. The author at http://www.ruffpoker.com/blog/what-type-of-notes-should-you-take-at-a-poker-table/ makes some powerful observations that beginners should take into account.

Some of the most important facts are the ones that will help you determine whether your opponent is tight aggressive, loose aggressive or if he falls into one of the numerous subcategories. We can’t overstate the importance of singling out rocks, maniacs and fish, and recognizing them before even sitting down at the Texas hold ’em table is a huge gain. The better the player is, the more intelligent and practical his notes will be and many of these hints will prove useful when he needs to take an important decision.

Sensitive situations occur when you are unable to determine whether your opponent is trying to bluff you or if he has the better hand. Past performance might be unable to predict future results, but knowing the frequency of one’s bluffs will help you determine whether it is worth calling or throwing down your hand. Savvy players will even make notes about how opponents choose to semi-bluff and how often they make continuation bets, even though this would translate into slightly longer player descriptions.

Staying motivated at the poker table is not always easy, but even when the games are dragging and you don’t get a lot of action, the notes will keep you alert. The latest poker tracking software makes it even easier to keep comprehensive records about most of your opponents without cluttering the interface.